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Awww! Vir Das Reveals Counting upto 10 Can make you successful

Vir Das

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Awww! Vir Das Reveals Counting upto 10 Can make you successful

Vir Das today on Social media platform, sent a message to all the students who were expecting their Results (CBSE results were announced today morning) to not lose hope no matter how good or bad the results are.

Vir Das

Vir Das

In the 10 points from the Vir Das which reads :

  1. Exam Does not Define How successful you’re going to be over an amazing Lifetime that you have waiting for you.


  2. Parents Love you and will stand by you no matter What.


  3. Deep breaths can solve any problem ….. Promise!


  4. Every opportunity you feel you have missed there are hundreds more that will open up soon.


  5. Subjects that you may or may not have wanted to study will now give way to a lifetime of knowledge which will be way more useful.


  6. People can fit in a car. You’re Gonna be Driving Soon, Where do you want to Go????


  7. Days A week have just opened up from you to start pursuing fun stuff that you never had time for in school.


  8. People You’re Going to have to Win over to marry that dream person, 2 MOMs, 2 Dads, 3 Other Family Folk, Forget This stuff. GO find That Person. Get to work!.


  9. Months your parents took to make you, Don’t worry about their Pateience.


  10. Yrs from now, if anyone is stupid enough to remember ot ask you How you did in your Board Exams…Ask them to Count to 10.
vir das 10 steps to success

vir das 10 steps to success

Absolutely awesome lines, Vir Das we salute you for the great words.

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