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Freaky Ali Movie Release Date, Star Cast, HD Trailer, Review


Freaky Ali Movie Release Date, Star Cast, HD Trailer, Review

Freaky Ali is a sports based comedy film scheduled to be release on september 9 written and directed by Sohail khan, produced by Khan and Nishant Pitti. It is contingent on the 1996 American hit romedy (rom-com) movie Happy Gilmore.


Cast- Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ali, Arbaz Khan as Maqsood, Amy Jackson as Megha, Jas Arora as Peter, Seema Biswas as Sulbha, Nikitin Dheer as Danger bhai, Asif Basra as Kishan Lal, Alam Khan and Paresh Ganatra.

It is a very inspirational story of a debt collector (Ali) beating all complications and obstacles went on becoming a winner and champion and meeting his raving beauty Megha(Amy).  Ali along with Maqsood goes to a golf course to collect money where his life takes a turn and meets a man who gets surprised by Ali’s shot as he puts the ball in one ace. This movie as expected would do wonders for Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a protagonist under Khan brothers.

Freaky Ali Movie HD Trailer

Here is the trailer of the movie. Many people had watched and loved their favorite stars to see in action. We hope you will love the trailer too.

Freaky Ali Release Date

Freaky ali is going to be release on september 9 which promises a fun ride of joy with some inspirational twist. So hurry and  watch out for this movie in your nearest cinemas which is expected to do a great job in its first week.

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